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The Vezina leather Sofa, inspired by hockey goalies, is a unique and sporty piece of furniture designed to capture the essence of the game. Named after the Vezina Trophy awarded to the NHL's top goaltender, this sofa likely incorporates design elements that pay homage to the sport of hockey and the iconic position of the goaltender.

The sofa may feature details that resemble goalie equipment, such as stitching patterns reminiscent of goalie pads or glove designs. The use of hockey-inspired aesthetics adds a playful and thematic touch to the overall design, making it a standout piece for fans of the sport.

Imagine having the Vezina Sofa in a dedicated sports or entertainment room, creating a focal point that showcases your passion for hockey. Whether you're a player, fan, or simply appreciate the unique design, this sofa is likely to bring a sense of excitement and sportsmanship to your living space.


Height: 32"
Depth: 46"
Width: 108"
Seat Depth : 26.5"
Seat Height : 17"

VEZINA LEATHER SOFA Sale price $7,999.00 Regular price $10,899.00