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The Royal Cayman Leather Sectional, a luxurious and customizable seating solution, is designed to elevate your living space with sophistication and style. Crafted with attention to detail and available in various configurations, this sectional allows you to create a bespoke arrangement that suits your specific preferences and room layout.

Notably, this particular version of the Royal Cayman Sectional features a distinctive croc-embossed front face plate and lower front band. This unique design element adds a touch of opulence and texture to the sectional, creating a statement piece that stands out in any room. The use of premium leather types ensures a high level of quality and comfort.

Imagine this sectional as the centerpiece of your living room, offering not only ample seating for relaxation but also making a bold aesthetic statement. Whether in a classic or contemporary setting, the Royal Cayman Leather Sectional with its croc-embossed details becomes a luxurious focal point, showcasing your discerning taste in furniture design.

leather sectional
THE ROYAL CAYMAN LEATHER SECTIONAL Sale price $11,399.00 Regular price $19,789.00