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  • Petite: 79 inch
  • Sofa: 85 inch
  • Large Sofa: 91 inch
  • Grand Sofa: 98 inch
  • XI: 101 inch
  • Super Size: 110 inch

The Texas Leather Sofa Bed, available in three lengths and a plethora of leather choices, presents a customizable and luxurious seating option for various living spaces. Envision a sofa designed to offer both comfort and style, with the flexibility to suit different room sizes and design preferences.

Picture the Texas Sofa with its distinct features, potentially including plush cushions, refined detailing, and a range of leather upholstery options. The three available lengths provide options for different room layouts, allowing you to select the perfect size for your space. Whether you prefer a compact sofa for a cozy setting or a longer version for a more expansive living area, the Texas Sofa caters to your needs.

The diverse range of leather choices adds an extra layer of personalization, enabling you to select the color and texture that aligns with your interior design vision. The rich, supple leather not only enhances the sofa's visual appeal but also promises a luxurious and inviting feel.

Overall, the Texas Leather Sofa becomes a statement piece in your home, offering a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance. Its customizable features ensure that it seamlessly integrates into your living space, becoming a focal point of relaxation and sophistication.


Width: 85"
Seat Depth : 21"
Seat Height : 17.5"

TEXAS LEATHER SOFA BED Sale price $4,999.00 Regular price $6,499.00