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The Tambourine Leather Chair is a distinctive and stylish seating option that features a fluted look, channel quilt detailing, and a two-toned design. Envision a chair with a unique silhouette, where the fluted or ribbed pattern adds texture and visual interest to the overall appearance. The channel quilt detailing enhances the chair's sophistication, providing both comfort and a touch of elegance.

The two-toned design suggests a contrasting color scheme, possibly with a combination of light and dark shades, contributing to a visually striking and dynamic look. This design choice allows you to play with color contrasts, adding a modern and artistic element to the chair.

Picture the Tambourine Chair as a focal point in a contemporary living space, providing not only comfortable seating but also serving as a piece of functional art. Its distinctive features make it stand out, and the combination of fluted details and two-toned upholstery creates a chair that adds character to any room.


Depth: 26"
Width: 28"
Seat Depth : 20.5"
Seat Height : 22"

TAMBOURINE CHAIR Sale price $2,099.00 Regular price $3,699.00