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The Storage Leather Ottoman, measuring 55 inches by 20 inches, is a versatile and functional furniture piece designed to provide both comfort and practicality. Ottomans with storage capabilities offer an additional benefit by allowing you to declutter your living space.

Envision a sleek and well-crafted leather ottoman in this size, serving as not only a comfortable footrest or extra seating but also as a discreet storage solution. The dimensions, 20x40 inches, offer ample space for storing items like blankets, magazines, or other belongings, helping you maintain a tidy and organized living area.

Consider the leather upholstery, which not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures durability and easy maintenance. The ottoman's design may feature clean lines and tailored details, making it a stylish addition to various room settings.

Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or a multifunctional space, the Storage Leather Ottoman can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your decor while providing a practical solution for keeping your space neat and organized.


Height: 17
Depth: 20
Width: 55
Seat Depth : 
Seat Height : 17

STORAGE OTTOMAN Sale price $1,499.00