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  • Petite: 68 inch
  • Sofa: 78 inch
  • Large Sofa: 88 inch
  • Grand Sofa: 103 inch
  • XI: 103 inch
  • Super Size: 112 inch

The Stockholm Leather Sofa, adorned in a metallic leather color, promises to be a striking and contemporary centerpiece for any living space. The choice of metallic leather adds a touch of glamour and modernity to the classic sofa design.

Imagining the Stockholm Leather Sofa in metallic leather, envision a sleek and sophisticated silhouette with clean lines and a lustrous surface. The metallic sheen could introduce an element of luxury, catching and reflecting light in a way that accentuates the sofa's elegant form.

When considering metallic leather for the Stockholm Sofa, think about the specific shade that complements your overall aesthetic – whether it's a shimmering silver, gleaming gold, or any other metallic hue. This choice allows you to infuse a sense of chic contemporary style into your home while enjoying the comfort and quality craftsmanship that the Stockholm Sofa embodies.


Height: 34"
Depth: 40"
Width: 99"
Seat Depth : 25"
Seat Height : 17"

STOCKHOLM LEATHER SOFA Sale price $5,999.00