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Introducing the Parlour Cigar Leather Chair, a refined and space-saving seating solution designed with a tight back and subtle wing for a sophisticated look. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cigar chair offers a full-seated appearance, making it both stylish and space-efficient. Available in a variety of leather types and colors, the Parlour Cigar Chair allows you to customize it to suit your taste and complement your decor.

Whether placed in a cozy reading nook or as an accent piece in your living room, the Parlour Cigar Chair adds a touch of elegance and comfort to any space. Its thoughtful design, coupled with the availability of different leather options, ensures it seamlessly integrates into your home.

Elevate your living area with the Parlour Cigar Chair, where craftsmanship, space-saving design, and a range of leather choices converge to create a chair that not only enhances your decor but also provides a stylish and comfortable seating solution.


Height: 37"
Depth: 37"
Width: 36"
Seat Depth : 22.5"
Seat Height :18"

PARLOUR CIGAR CHAIR Sale price $2,899.00 Regular price $4,880.00