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Introducing the New York leather Sectional, a condo-sized and modernly designed seating solution that brings a touch of urban sophistication to your living space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sectional is available in a variety of leather types and colors, allowing you to tailor it to your preferred aesthetic. Its condo-sized proportions make it an ideal fit for modern living.

The New York Sectional is not only a functional seating arrangement but also a statement piece that seamlessly blends into contemporary interiors. Its versatility in configurations ensures it can adapt to different room layouts, making it a practical choice for condos or urban living spaces.

Elevate your living area with the New York Sectional, where modern design, customizable leather options, and condo-friendly proportions converge to create a sectional that not only enhances your home but also reflects the cosmopolitan style of New York living.

NEWYORK LEATHER SECTIONAL Sale price $5,999.00 Regular price $16,499.00