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  • Petite: 83 inch
  • Sofa: 90 inch
  • Large Sofa: 96 inch
  • Grand Sofa: 101 inch
  • XI: 106 inch
  • Super Size: 115 inch

Introducing the Hoss Leather Sofa, a distinctive and western-influenced piece that brings the rugged charm of the Old West to your living space. Crafted with unique border trim, this sofa captures the essence of frontier style with its robust and distinctive design. The Hoss Leather Sofa is a statement of character and warmth, adding a touch of rustic elegance to any room.

The western influence in the design, along with the unique border trim, ensures that the Hoss Leather Sofa stands out, making it a perfect addition to rustic or eclectic interiors. Whether placed in a cozy cabin retreat or as a focal point in a western-themed room, the Hoss Leather Sofa becomes a symbol of frontier charm and durability.

Transform your living space with the Hoss Leather Sofa, where western influences and unique details converge with quality craftsmanship, creating a leather sofa that not only reflects the spirit of the Old West but also provides a comfortable and inviting seat for relaxation.

Showcased in Luxury Western Rawhide Leather 


Height: 36"
Depth: 38"
Width: 90"
Seat Depth : 21.5"
Seat Height :18"

HOSS LEATHER SOFA Sale price $4,299.00 Regular price $7,299.00