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Introducing the Florentino Leather sofa, an embodiment of Italian style designed to enhance the aesthetics of your living space. This chair features a low presentation, strategically crafted to create an illusion of taller rooms, adding a touch of sophistication to your interior design and beautiful metal base. Meticulously made with attention to detail, the Florentino Leather Chair is available in a diverse selection of leather colors and choices, allowing you to personalize it to suit your unique style.

The Italian influence is evident in the design, emphasizing both form and function. Whether placed in a chic living room or an elegant study, the Florentino Leather sofa becomes a statement piece, elevating the overall ambiance with its distinctive style.

Transform your living space with the Florentino Leather sofa, where Italian flair, thoughtful design, and customizable options converge to create a seating solution that not only adds elegance but also enhances the visual appeal of your room.


Height: 30"
Depth: 38"
Width: 105"
Seat Depth : 24"
Seat Height :16"

FLORENTINO LEATHER SOFA Sale price $5,499.00 Regular price $9,799.00