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Introducing the Cottage Leather Chair, a classic and space-saving piece that brings timeless style to your living space. Elegantly finished with meticulous attention to detail, this chair exudes charm and sophistication. Crafted for comfort and style, the Cottage Leather Chair is available in many leather colors, allowing you to personalize it to suit your individual taste and interior decor.

The eloquent finish and classic style make this chair a versatile addition to various room settings, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. With the option to choose from different foam firmness levels, the Cottage Leather Chair caters to your specific comfort preferences.

Transform your space with the Cottage Leather Chair, where classic style meets space-saving functionality, delivering a charming and well-finished seating solution for your home.


Height: 32"
Depth: 32"
Width: 27"
Seat Depth : 22"
Seat Height :16"

COTTAGE CHAIR Sale price $2,499.00 Regular price $3,899.00