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Introducing the Classic Leather Dining Chair, a clean and simple addition to elevate your dining space. This timeless chair is crafted with a focus on simplicity and elegance, offering a versatile seating solution for both kitchen and dining heights. Available in two back heights, the Classic Leather Dining Chair provides options to suit various table styles and preferences.

With a commitment to customization, this dining chair is available in many leather choices, allowing you to tailor it to match your unique style and interior decor. Whether you prefer a rich, classic leather tone or a bold, contemporary color, the diverse range of options ensures that the Classic Leather Dining Chair becomes a seamless and stylish addition to your dining area.

Experience the perfect marriage of clean design and quality craftsmanship with the Classic Leather Dining Chair, where simplicity meets sophistication, creating a timeless and inviting atmosphere for your dining space.


Height: 40"
Depth: 22"
Width: 21"
Seat Depth : 17"
Seat Height :19"

CLASSIC DINING CHAIR Sale price $809.00