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Introducing our exquisite Camelot Leather Headboard, where luxury meets comfort in every curve. Crafted with sophistication in mind, its stunning curved headboard creates a focal point that exudes elegance and style. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the delicate nail heads that adorn its perimeter, adding a touch of timeless charm.

Designed to elevate your bedroom decor, the Camelot Leather Headboard seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Whether you're

looking to create a cozy sanctuary or a statement piece in your bedroom, this Headboard promises to be the perfect centerpiece. Indulge in the plush comfort of its high-quality leather upholstery, while the sturdy construction ensures both durability and stability.

Transform your bedroom into a haven of luxury and refinement with the Camelot Leather Headboard. Experience the epitome of style and relaxation, where every night is a regal retreat.




Double Bed

Width: 60 inches

Height: 60 inches

Queen Bed 

Width: 68 inches

Height: 60 inches

King Bed

Width: 82 inches

Height: 60 inches

CAMELOT LEATHER HEADBOARD Sale price $2,559.00 Regular price $4,999.00