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Raffaele's admiration for the British Bulldog comes to life in a captivating 36" x 36" acrylic painting. Created for a home show with Great Britain as the thematic backdrop, this artwork is a heartfelt tribute to the iconic British symbol. The artist drew inspiration from their beloved late Bulldog, Buddha, infusing the painting with a personal touch and genuine affection. Until now, this unique piece has not been available for sale, making it an exclusive and cherished creation. The choice to use the Union Jack as a backdrop symbolizes the enduring influence of Great Britain on the global stage, with its flag standing out as one of the most attractive and recognizable in the world. Raffaele's artistic expression beautifully captures the essence of both the British Bulldog and the cultural significance it represents, making this painting a distinctive and sentimental addition to any art collection.
BRITISH BULLDOG Sale price $799.00