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Raffaele Ricciardi's imaginative rendition of The Blues Brothers as canine counterparts is a delightful homage to the iconic musical duo. Infusing the characters with a playful twist, Ricciardi captures the essence of the beloved Blues Brothers in their doggie forms, adding a whimsical touch to their musical legacy. The artist's evident joy in creating this piece translates into a vibrant and lighthearted portrayal that resonates with fans of the classic musical. The choice to depict Jake and Elwood Blues as dogs brings a fresh and endearing perspective to these legendary figures. For fans of both art and the timeless musical, this unique creation by Raffaele Ricciardi is sure to evoke fond memories of the tight-knit band and the soulful tunes that brought the Blues world to life on the big screen.

40" x 40" acrylic painting sold prints available 


BLUE BROTHERS Sale price $1,099.00