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SKU: 57742
Product Size (Inches) 5.0L x 6.0W x 6.7H
Weight 2.20 lbs (1.00 kg)
Box Size (Inches) 6.7L x 8.1W x 9.1H
Box Weight 2.76 lbs (1.25 kg)
Canada's Boss Leather Furniture offers up to 10 Year Limited Warranty on your custom sofa. For details, please visit our warranty page.

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Sale! Stylish Turtle Quick View

Stylish Turtle

This stylish turtle doubles as a storage box and will guard all your keys, jewelery, coins, etc. SKU: 57804 Product Size (Inches) 3.5L x 7.3W x 11.0H Weight 2.43 lbs (1.10 kg) Box Size (Inches) 5.0L x 9.5W x 13.0H Box Weight 3.09 lbs (1.40 kg)
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Niobe Quick View


The Niobe is a set of two, decorative nesting boxes that are expertly handcrafted from wood. Arriving after 4/19/2020(80) SKU: 68435 Product Size (Inches) 16.0L x 11.0W x 8.3H Weight 14.95 lbs (6.78 kg) Box Size (Inches) 18.3L x 12.2W x 10.6H Box Weight 16.98 lbs (7.70 kg)
Sale! short Chameleon Quick View

Short Black chameleon

short , black resin box with chameleon curling around the top and side of the removable lid SKU: 57618 Product Size (Inches) 5.7L x 6.3W x 10.6H Weight 3.00 lbs (1.36 kg) Box Size (Inches) 7.7L x 8.7W x 13.0H Box Weight 3.64 lbs (1.65 kg)
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Sale! Estooki (Set of 2) Quick View

Estooki (Set of 2)

Set of two natural finish wood boxes with clasps and carved pattern that reveals mirror inlay. Large: 16 x 10 x 7 Small: 14 x 8 x 6 SKU: 57584 Canada MSRP C$189.99 Product Size (Inches) 10.0L x 16.0W x 7.0H Weight 12.35 lbs (5.60 kg) Box Size (Inches) 10.3L...
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Sale! Armadillo Quick View


Armadillo means “little armored one” in Spanish. This Blackend Copper armadillo doubles as a storage box and will guard all your keys, jewelery, coins, etc. SKU: 57806 Product Size (Inches) 4.7L x 11.8W x 6.0H Weight 5.29 lbs (2.40 kg) Box Size (Inches) 13.8L x 13.8W x 7.5H Box Weight...
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Sale! Tiffan Box Quick View

Tiffan Box

Set of two wooden whitewashed boxes with mirror inlays in the top and front, which is accented with chevron a design. Each have a front locking clasp and hinged opening to store your favorite treasures. Large: 10 x 16 x 8 Small: 7 x 14 x 7 SKU: 67050 Product...
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Sale! Large Chestnut Quick View

Lrg Acorn

Resin acorn with removeable lid to store jewelery or any other treaures you’d like. SKU: 57897 Product Size (Inches) 5.5L x 5.5W x 11.5H Weight 1.76 lbs (0.80 kg) Box Size (Inches) 6.9L x 6.9W x 10.4H Box Weight 2.38 lbs (1.08 kg)
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Sale! Hedgehog Quick View


Cameron is the cutest resin hedgehog, that also has a removable back so you can store your favorite little treasures. SKU: 67986 Product Size (Inches) 10.0L x 6.0W x 8.0H Weight 2.87 lbs (1.30 kg) Box Size (Inches) 11.4L x 6.7W x 8.7H Box Weight 3.09 lbs (1.40 kg)
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Sale! Lrg Sheep Quick View

Lrg Sheep

Large Sheep is not only fun and cute sheep, he has purposed as well. Remove the lid and he is a storage box for your favorite treasures. Not baaaaaad!! SKU: 67250 Product Size (Inches) 10.3L x 6.0W x 7.0H Weight 2.90 lbs (1.32 kg) Box Size (Inches) 12.0L x 7.8W...
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Sale! Breacd Box white Quick View

Breach Box white

White resin box with Humpback whale breaching through the removable lid. SKU: 57610 Product Size (Inches) 5.5L x 9.7W x 5.9H Weight 4.60 lbs (2.09 kg) Box Size (Inches) 7.5L x 8.5W x 11.6H Box Weight 5.57 lbs (2.53 kg)
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