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The Suspension is a set of two wrought iron bookends inspired by suspension bridges.
SKU: 57157
Product Size (Inches) 19.0L x 4.0W x 10.0H
Weight 8.82 lbs (4.00 kg)
Box Size (Inches) 13.0L x 4.7W x 7.5H
Box Weight 9.17 lbs (4.16 kg)
Canada's Boss Leather Furniture offers up to 10 Year Limited Warranty on your custom sofa. For details, please visit our warranty page.

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These bookends are a painted polyresin, split in 2, Sperm Whale, with antique aqua blue finish. SKU: 57366 Product Size (Inches) 10.0L x 5.0W x 5.0H Weight 2.20 lbs (1.00 kg) Box Size (Inches) 11.8L x 4.7W x 5.9H Box Weight 3.09 lbs (1.40 kg)
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Bear Paws

A set of bookends featuring two bear paws in vintage gold. SKU: 57745 Product Size (Inches) 3.5L x 12.3W x 5.0H Weight 2.87 lbs (1.30 kg) Box Size (Inches) 5.0L x 7.0W x 10.5H Box Weight 3.53 lbs (1.60 kg)
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Ozzie is a set of 2 bookends, featuring shy ostriches. Made from resin with beautiful feather details, and mounted to black metal stands, they not only look good, but help keep your shelves organized. SKU: 67985 Product Size (Inches) 13.0L x 4.0W x 9.0H Weight 5.34 lbs (2.42 kg) Box...
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Gold Metal Compass Sculpture

Metal bookends featuring a gold metal compass sculpture SKU: 57708 Product Size (Inches) 13.0L x 6.0W x 10.0H Weight 4.74 lbs (2.15 kg) Box Size (Inches) 12.8L x 6.7W x 9.5H Box Weight 4.92 lbs (2.23 kg)
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Sierra Truck

Crafted from cast iron and finished in a rustic bronze polish, the Sierra is an amazing set of bookends that looks like an old-farm truck and is both, fun and functional SKU: 68598 Product Size (Inches) 10.3L x 3.7W x 4.3H Weight 7.72 lbs (3.50 kg) Box Size (Inches) 9.7L...
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Rustic sinlge gold metal ampersand on black metal stand. SKU: 57565 Product Size (Inches) 3.2L x 12.0W x 13.0H Weight 3.75 lbs (1.70 kg) Box Size (Inches) 3.9L x 13.8W x 13.2H Box Weight 4.19 lbs (1.90 kg)
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Marley is a cute little pug, who loves to hold your books. Made of durable and heavy cast iron so it stays in place and has felt on the bottom so it won’t scratch. SKU: 57907 Product Size (Inches) 4.8L x 8.6W x 7.8H Weight 13.00 lbs (5.90 kg) Box...
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Dickens is a set of 2 bookends, made to look like, what else? Books. Use these bookends to hold up Dickens, or any other of your favorites. SKU: 67180 Product Size (Inches) 9.8L x 6.0W x 7.8H Weight 5.00 lbs (2.27 kg) Box Size (Inches) 11.0L x 7.1W x 9.5H...
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Playful Bears

These fun and playful bear cubs will always keep your books in place. Made of durable cast iron with felt on the bottom so they won’t scratch either. SKU: 57920 Product Size (Inches) 4.0L x 9.5W x 7.0H Weight 8.82 lbs (4.00 kg) Box Size (Inches) 8.3L x 6.1W x...
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Two Wooden Deers

Solid wood bookends featuring two wooden deers, with metal antlers, finished in a natural finish with a dark brown base. Handcrafted from Indian Hardwoods. SKU: 57666 Product Size (Inches) 4.8L x 20.5W x 13.0H Weight 4.00 lbs (1.81 kg) Box Size (Inches) 19.0L x 5.0W x 13.0H Box Weight 4.40...
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