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Sold in pairs of two, the Etienne I is a stunning, farmhouse-inspired side chair featuring a wooden seat and cross-braced backrest perched to a four-legged metal frame.
SKU: BM0504500
Product Size (Inches) 20.0L x 18.0W x 35.5H
Weight 18.00 lbs (8.16 kg)
Box Size (Inches) 20.0L x 21.5W x 22.5H
Box Weight 20.50 lbs (9.30 kg)
Canada's Boss Leather Furniture offers up to 10 Year Limited Warranty on your custom sofa. For details, please visit our warranty page.

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Sold in pairs of two, the Berbick I is a stylish dining chair featuring an antiqued-gold toned iron frame and top-grain leather seat. SKU:BM0677670 Product Size (Inches) 19.0L x 20.0W x 31.0H Weight 17.64 lbs (8.00 kg) Box Size (Inches) 23.0L x 15.5W x 39.0H Box Weight 38.00 lbs (17.24...
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The Hoskins II is an armchair with leather seating and backrest supported by a U-shaped flat metal frame. SKU: BM0504140 Product Size (Inches) 20.5L x 22.5W x 29.5H Weight 41.67 lbs (18.90 kg) Box Size (Inches) 21.3L x 22.1W x 30.3H Box Weight 44.09 lbs (20.00 kg)
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The Nicholas

The Nicholas is a spectacular all-wood, unupholstered armchair that looks gorgeous when paired with most modern dining tables. SKU: BM0688520 Product Size (Inches) 20.0L x 22.0W x 29.0H Weight 23.00 lbs (10.43 kg) Box Size (Inches) 26.5L x 24.5W x 31.0H Box Weight 26.90 lbs (12.20 kg)
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Sawyer Black W/arms

The Sawyer II is a chic chair that dons a perfectly cushioned, faux-leather seat and backrest supported by a sleek, metal frame. SKU: BM0683110 Product Size (Inches) 23.0L x 25.3W x 32.8H Weight 26.46 lbs (12.00 kg) Box Size (Inches) 22.4L x 24.8W x 34.7H Box Weight 28.66 lbs (13.00 kg)
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Sale! Teton I Quick View

Teton I

Sold as a pair, the Teton I is a stunning, open-back wooden side chair with plush, fabric seating. SKU: BM0681920 Product Size (Inches) 23.5L x 19.0W x 36.8H Weight 19.84 lbs (9.00 kg) Box Size (Inches) 0.0L x 0.0W x 0.0H Box Weight 20.28 lbs (9.20 kg)
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Sawyer Brown

Sold in pairs of two, the Sawyer I is a stunning, solid-back dining chair that has a posh, faux-leather seat attached to a durable metal frame. SKU: BM0683140 Product Size (Inches) 19.0L x 24.3W x 33.0H Weight 20.39 lbs (9.25 kg) Box Size (Inches) 0.0L x 0.0W x 0.0H Box Weight...
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Sale! Barrett VI Quick View

Barrett VI

Sold as a pair, the Barrett VI is a spectacular, farmhouse-inspired wooden dining chair featuring a simple yet elegant, ladder-back design. SKU: BM0682310 Product Size (Inches) 18.0L x 19.0W x 39.3H Weight 25.00 lbs (11.34 kg) Box Size (Inches) 0.0L x 0.0W x 0.0H Box Weight 26.00 lbs (11.79 kg)
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Sale! The Etienne II Quick View

Etienne II

The Etienne II is a dining armchair with a wooden seat and cross back supported by a metal frame. SKU: BM0504510 18.0W x 35.5H Weight 24.00 lbs (10.89 kg) Box Size (Inches) 38.0L x 21.0W x 20.5H Box Weight 27.00 lbs (12.25 kg)
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Sale! HUMPHREY II Quick View


The Humphrey II is a bucket style dining chair made from chocolate brown leather featuring a wooden base. SKU: BM0503750 Product Size (Inches) 24.0L x 27.0W x 33.3H Weight 22.93 lbs (10.40 kg) Box Size (Inches) 24.0L x 25.6W x 35.0H Box Weight 24.25 lbs (11.00 kg)
$950 $800 Add to cart
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TheKensington I is an elegant dining chair featuring a linen covered high back and four-legged, oak wood base. SKU: BM0503880 Product Size (Inches) 22.3L x 23.3W x 39.5H Weight 26.01 lbs (11.80 kg) Box Size (Inches) 28.0L x 41.0W x 23.0H Box Weight 30.86 lbs (14.00 kg)
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